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bob游戏app手机下载:The in-depth interpretation activities of the department core courses of Mingli College were carried out smoothly

On the afternoon of September 15, the in-depth interpretation activity of the Department core courses of Mingli College was successfully held in the Chinese Studies Building 113 (main venue). The activity invited teachers Zhu Xiaobao and Qi Faquan from the School of Mathematics, Teacher Sun Hui from the School of Information to give lectures, and 2023 undergraduate students from Ming Li College (School of Information, School of Statistics, School of Chemistry, School of Physics, School of Mathematics, Hillhouse Artificial Intelligence School, and School of Environment) to participate. Academy Wu Xiaoran, Xu Danfeng, Lin Jie attended. The event was hosted by Xu Wangli, Vice president of the College.

Teacher Xu Wangli introduced the curriculum structure of the 2023 undergraduate training program of science and technology, and introduced the relevant curriculum design of the departmental core courses in detail. This activity focuses on in-depth interpretation of the department core courses taught in the first semester, and the department core courses taught in the second semester will continue to be interpreted for students before the next semester.

Teacher Sun Hui introduced the course "Programming I: C Language" in detail from two aspects: the overall situation of the course and how to learn the course well. Teacher Sun introduced the course objectives, teaching environment and teaching design ideas of the course, and suggested that students quickly adapt to college life from the aspects of mentality, pay attention to the characteristics of this course with less class time and large amount of information, and take the initiative to study by themselves. Pay attention to learning methods and improve learning efficiency; Emphasis on practice, programming courses need more practice, as soon as possible to master program debugging skills.

Teacher Zhu Xiaobao started from his own experience of learning to count scores, and shared the learning of "Mathematical Analysis" and "Advanced Mathematics" for the students. Mr. Zhu shared his learning experience from his personal experience of studying in college, taking the entrance examination for postgraduate studies and teaching for 3 times. And from the preview, carefully listening to the lecture, review summary, do their own problem sets, do more examples and so on several aspects to the students put forward very specific suggestions. Ms. Zhu especially reminded the students to think often, thinking can find problems, so as to ask questions, and then can better understand the knowledge.

Teacher Qi Faquan introduced the overall situation of the university mathematics course, introduced in detail the content of "advanced algebra" and "linear algebra" courses, as well as the main learning content of the algebra part. Ms. Qi shared the differences between middle school and college math learning, and suggested that students adjust their learning methods, learn self-discipline, learn math courses well, and lay a solid foundation.

The venue is limited, the activities are set up in separate venues, and the students in different classes can watch the whole course through live broadcast.

Classes for new students will begin soon

May "Mingli Iron Man"

Start a new learning journey smoothly!