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bob游戏app手机下载:?Innovation Laboratory of Mingli College | Big data macro causal identification cross scientific research innovation team

Team mentor group

Fan Zhiyong

Vice President of Chongshi College

Professor of economics

Research interests include macroeconomics and international economics

Zhang Yonghui

Associate professor, School of Economics

Research interests include econometrics, machine learning and causal inference

Zhang Zheng

Professor of Statistics and Big Data Research Institute

Research interests include causal inference and processing effect models

Innovative content

Combined with teaching and research teams in the fields of economics and statistics, the team is committed to exploring the application of big data, machine learning, causal identification methods to the research of macroeconomic and international economics, and promoting empirical research in macroeconomics. Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are developing in full swing, bringing revolutionary developments to various disciplines. Only by integrating with new methods and new technologies can we keep up with the trend of The Times and promote the continuous progress of academic research. This puts higher demands on us, requiring us to constantly learn new knowledge and explore new cross-cutting areas.

What can you get here?

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to:

Learn the basics of related fields under the guidance of teachers and doctoral seniors to break the threshold of entering the cross-cutting field.

Learn and carry out team academic activities under the guidance of teachers, and experience the 'real' scientific research life.

The team welcomes students with a background in statistics and big data, as well as those who are interested in empirical research in macroeconomics. As long as you are interested in macroeconomic issues and do not exclude computer programming, you can try to join our activities.

Currently some team members

Li Renjun

PhD candidate, Class 2021, School of Economics

Meng Xingyi

PhD candidate, Class 2022, School of Economics

Xu Heming

PhD candidate, Class 2023, School of Economics

An Ge Yang

Graduate student of the class of 2022, School of Economics

Liu Jiapeng

graduate student of Class 2022, School of Statistics

Hou Haoze

PhD candidate of the Institute of Statistics and Big Data, Class 2021

Zhang Rainlin

PhD candidate of the Institute of Statistics and Big Data, Class 2021

Zixuan Xu

PhD candidate in the class of 2022 at the Institute of Statistics and Big Data

Registration method

(For the convenience of learning at the beginning, only students from Renmin University of China are accepted)

About our logo

The bar chart in the middle, which forms the letter M, is taken from Macro, and the chart and bar chart reflect the economic variables that big data and macroeconomics often pay attention to; The outer arc combines the letters C and D, for causal identification casual and big data. Three letters form a loosely directed acyclic graph, which is commonly used for causal identification. The meaning of the whole figure is to explore the causality of economics by combining big data and macroeconomics. Thanks to Dr. Wang Zhiqing for designing the logo.